The Peoria Sports Complex is getting a lot of attention. And it’s very easy to get lost in all the interest. It is. It’s really hard to see the real deal. It’s really hard to make sense of the whole thing.

Before you know it, you lose interest. The Peoria Sports Complex is one of those things that mean something to many different people. It has a lot of attractions and possible offerings. This is all well and good. 

At the end of the day, you have to wrap your mind around the possible benefits this sports complex can deliver to your life. In other words, you have got to approach the situation from the old standby question of “What’s in it for me?” 

Here is the systematic and methodical approach that I use to ensure that I get maximum value from any sports complex I visit. 

You stretch the old Google muscle 

The first thing that you need to do is to get on Google and enter “about the Peoria Sports Complex”. It’s that simple. 

You will get all sorts of information regarding when the building planning began, its location, what kind of construction issues arose, how much it was funded for, and possibly even local permits and laws that were involved. 

You also would get a feel for the local color regarding politics and the local movers and shakers because big projects like the Peoria Sports Complex are not lightly undertaken. 

When a group decides to put up a sports complex, you can bet that a lot of other groups would either raise their eyebrows or would like to actively and explicitly protest. 

This kind of thing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. So, when you use trusty old Google to look up all this information, you can get the big picture as to what the Peoria Sports Complex is about and possibly what it has to offer you

The downside with Google searches

As awesome as Google is, please understand that Google is just a compilation of all sorts of information sourced from a wide range of platforms that may not have uniform trustworthiness. 

Put simply, anybody with a lot of free time and access to free publication platforms like can put up stuff on the internet that other people from all four corners of the world can pick up. 

They can retrieve that information just by using a simple Google search. Unfortunately, none of what I just described requires that such information is absolutely 100% true. Do you see the problem here? 

Just because you can find stuff online doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to trust it. You should do the opposite. Be skeptical until you are sure that what you’re looking at is trustworthy. 

Does this mean that you shouldn’t use Google? Of course not! If you’re looking for information about the Peoria Sports Complex, an initial Google search could give you some sort of overall context of what it’s about. 

Then from there, you can drill down. This is where you have to roll up your sleeves and do the heavy lifting. 


How to size up specialized travel sites

One area of interest and that you should pay close attention to, as far as Google search results are travel sites. These are specialized. They mainly focused on sports complexes or venues. So, pay close attention to the sites. 

The good news is, the more specialized the site is, the higher the chance that you can trust it. Seriously. For example, you’re looking for baby shoes, and you come across a blog that talks about everything under the sun, and from time to time they talk about baby shoes.