Whether you’re a car lover or an SUV lover, you will love the new BMW X5. Available not only with a 6 cylinder gas engine, but also with a 6 speed automatic transmission that combines the driving power and mechanical grace you’d expect from an X5. Once again, the X5 proves why it is at the top of it’s class in high performance vehicles.



With 330 to 553 pounds of torque, a range of 335 horsepower engine this is not just your average family SUV. Built standard with X-Drive, this technology intellectually distributes drive power between the front and rear axles. And as we all love speed, the X5 allows you to push it to its limits and still remain safe, thanks to features such as the Adaptive Drive and Active Steering. With the Active Steering capabilities, when traveling at high speeds, the steering angle of the two front wheel’s is reduced, and when you inevitably reach that high speed curve in the road, that’s when the Adaptive Drive feature reacts. During high speed turns, the BMW X5 distributes load change allowing for minimum chance of rollover but providing maximum comfort.


With a low center of gravity, and Double-Track control arms on the front axle; stability increases and creates more responsive steering on practically any driving surface.




Designed in custom fine, polished wood, and custom leather combined with a high seating position, road travel of the greatest distance is not only bearable, but physically relaxing and enjoyable. Whether it is just yourself and a friend, or the whole family, with an expandable row of seating, everyone has their own personal comfort and space.


Interior standard features on the BMW X5, include an 12.3 infotainment screen, complete with GPS navigation and Vehicle Location System, which allows the driver access to traffic conditions, route information and suggestions, as well as travel information including the location of hotels and restaurants. It also doubles as a DVD, CD, and CD-ROM player.


Some of the optional features on the BMW X5 are very high-tech and truly desirable. These include such options as a two-piece, adjustable panorama glass roof, a 120 degree wide-angle rear-view back-up camera which is displayed on the front seat screen. Also optional is a rear seat 8 inch video screen for use with DVD viewing and includes a remote control and dual earphone outlet’s. And to top off this incredible audio/visual experience are optional state-of-the-art, lower mounted front seat stereo woofer’s.


Yet another option for the business person on the go, is the BMW Online System. This provides Bluetooth and hands-free cellular connectivity as well as Internet connectivity, including full email function.

Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern sports vehicle, or luxurious and comfortable transportation for the whole family, no other vehicle beats the new BMW X5. Fast or slow, it’s the way to go!