The automobile, as a whole, has continued to evolve alongside our ever changing modern society. Auto manufacturers have found ways to satisfy many different audiences from soccer moms, to racing enthusiasts and environmental activists. A new sector will be explored by automobile manufactures over the next year, dog owners. More than 67 percent of all U.S. households own a pet and a growing number of dog owners are taking Fido with them when they hit the road. Now, dog lovers will find themselves the targeted audience for research and development and marketing campaigns for future automobile creations.

Why It’s Worth Mentioning

As a dog lover myself, I can’t imagine vacationing or traveling for an extended period of time without my two dogs. It’s hard to bombard your friends to watch over one dog, but two is pushing the limits of your friendship. Also, I feel uneasy leaving my house keys for a stranger to take care of my dogs. Moreover, I am never able to enjoy myself because I spend the majority of my time worrying about their well-being.


If you decide to take your pet with you, it can be fun, but also be very dangerous. A quick slam on the brakes or a small fender-bender could seriously injure your family pet. Therefore, many dog lovers prepare for the trip by purchasing safety equipment. There is a wide range of protective gear available, including dog car seats and specially designed seat belts.

What if pet owners had another option? What if automobile manufacturers made a car specifically designed to travel with pets? As it stands, parents spend extra money on their automobile to make sure their children are safe, whether it be extra air bags or a steel protective frame. Mothers and Fathers of pets will do the same for their own furry “kids”.



In this new dog-focused vehicle, it would contain a pop-open compartment on the floor of the front passenger side for easy in and out pet access. Inside the easy-to-clean, well-ventilated compartment. There would be a pet seat belt for safety from an accident and also a no-spill water bowl, a trash bag holder and a dog treat dispenser that is wired to the steering wheel so owners can reward their pet with one push of a button.


A Furry Future


The idea of a dog-focused vehicle is not so far-fetched. The Honda Motor Company is one of the few automobile manufactures that have already unveiled a concept car specifically designed for dog owners called W.O.W.

Honda’s W.O.W. currently has its own Japanese Web site. Toyota and other competing manufactures have also launched their own dog-friendly vehicle Web sites and more than likely will soon follow on the doggy trail. So if you thought EVs and hybrids were the next big thing, Fido has something to say about that!